Monday, August 4, 2014

I've Got Rhythm - Design Wall Monday

Well, just under the wire I completed my July assignment from Elizabeth Barton's Masterclass.  At the beginning of the month I was relieved to find that Rhythm was the topic of the month.  All Rhythm is a repeating element  in your work - What can be easier?  As I studied it though, I found (like a  lot of things) that it wasn't as easy as it looked.

What I struggled with the most is how to add rhythm without adding boredom.  After much sketching I handed in two that I thought were the strongest.  Elizabeth approved.

With those in hand, I blocked out my piece but somehow got lost along the way.  Notice how this isn't as strong as the sketches.  I started playing with a secondary rhythm in this one and it wasn't successful.  Which of course, Elizabeth pointed out.

I went back to the original sketch and finally got a piece that was much stronger.  I think she said it worked, "Stupendously well" .  Finally success.
Rhthym - fused on muslin fondation - 28" by 28

Although I did learn things about rhythm, I also learned something about construction.  This piece was collaged together using fused fabrics.  I used steam-a-seam light 2 and heat and bond light. I liked the steam a seam better since you could position them on the foundation but the heat and bond held better.  BUT I really hated fusing all together.  The piece ended up flat - stiff and not at all like soft pretty fabric.  I know its faster to fuse but I hated working with all that glue and paper.  It was a huge mess in my studio and as well as on my iron (even though I have an fusing sheet).  But for a quick assignment I'm glad I used it.

I really like this piece with the color palette (which is one of my favorites) and the play on value as well as rhythm.  I think I'm going to quilt it without batting (since its so stiff and flat already) and use it for a mock up for a future much larger piece.

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Kaja said...

I get what you're saying about the disadvantages of fusing - but your end piece is beautiful. I love the colour palette and it definitely has rhythm. It would be a great starting point for a bigger (and less stiff!) piece.

The Inside Stori said...

Such a fabulous did good!!

Kate said...

Beautifully done!

Janis Doucette said...

Don't ya just love those learning curves! A job well done!

Jenny Lyon said...

Getting lost-sigh-know the feeling! I think you found a great new path and this quilt is excellent. The hand dyed fabric and use of value really makes the quilt.

Quilt or Dye said...

Oh, yes! Stupendously successful! Seeing the difference in your two quilts is just one more reason to work in a series.

Alycia said...

Wow! Just wow - I love the finish!!