Friday, June 6, 2014

Off the Wall Friday on Location at QSDS

the Design School Campus

Wow!  What a week!  What a work week!  Can someone please remind me that more is usually more. . . more work that is!  My curves piece is coming along nicely. I spent the week improv piecing the big shaped curves and playing value.  I love playing with value. . . .blending the lights into darks, placing accents nicely,  mixing the different saturation of color.  Fun!

But OMG whose idea was it to make this thing 60" long? I've used this type of piecing before but usually for one element of the piece - not the entire piece.  I guess I forgot how much time it takes!  My goal was originally to get it from idea to finished top, but I don't see that happening.  Still, I  wanted to work on a large scale - so this is large scale.

Our masterclass is a buzz of activity. Some brought projects that were already in progress.  Others came with continuations of ideas that they had.  Some brought problem pieces.  Its fun to watch the creative progress in action!

The other side of our Masterclass

A couple more work days and then we have critiques.  I promise I'll give a QSDS review as well as an overview of the QSDS Anniversary Quilt show!!

So what have been up to creatively?


Hilary Florence said...

This looks very exciting. I really like your improvised piecing - and yes the value contrast is great - it adds a lot of interest.

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Love this piece and it's bold size! The improve piecing adds a lot. I am beginning to understand the impact of value a lot more as I go through the class and this piece really shows that. Thank you!

Vivian Helena said...

what a great opportunity,,, and Thank you for sharing,, vivian