Monday, June 2, 2014

Finding Inspiration for QSDS - Design Wall Monday

One of the many, many possibilities
For me, going to quilt conference takes nearly a year of planning.  I first have to decide what class I want to take.  Then the logistics of the week - saving the money, getting the time off, making sure home life is covered.  I look over the supply list and make sure that's filled.

With all that, usually what I don't have to worry about is what I'm going to do during the week.  I mean that's why I pay the teacher right?

Well, not this year.  Apparently, when you graduate to a master's class you are suppose to know what you want to work on that week.  Also apparently, I'm not a true master yet.  grin.

You see, the last six months, my friend and classmate has been asking me, "What ja gonna work on that week?"   My answer is. . . . hmmmm I don't know.. . . . I'll have to see where I am in my creative process by then.

Very mature,  artsy answer right? As much in the art world - all bull!  Here I sit in my modern Columbus Ohio college suite, looking over the lovely rainy cityscape and still am quite clueless on what I want to do in class.  Which of course is today.
 At 9 amIn 2 hours.

I do know I want to do something abstract.  Elizabeth Barton has given me tons of ways to develop ideas over the years, so I guess I'll start there.  My pinterest board on Abstract Inspiration is a great help too.

So what's on my design board this morning??  Your guess is as good as mine!

See more great design boards at Judy's Patchworks!


The Inside Stori said...

I know you will find a creative and productive path to follow........let it happen!!

Gari in AL said...

Looking at your Pinterest board was overwhelming. But I could see some things that I might like to try if I ever go in the abstract direction. Have a great and inspirational time this week.

Chris said...

The Pinterest board was great. Lots of ideas there. I am sure you will find something. You must be leaning toward something. I can't wait to see what you pick. Enjoy the week. I would be nervous about taking a master class with all of those people looking at me!

Rhonda said...

If you are anything like me, something will pop into your head when you get to the class.
Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Just waiting to see what you will come up with.
Pinterest is a fantastic tool for ideas.