Wednesday, June 4, 2014

An Idea is Born - QSDS

Isn't this space amazing?!  That's Patty Hawkins getting set up!  Love her

Jean Pierre Lotte, Architect
When I told  Sue Benner that I didn't have an idea of what I wanted to do in my Master Class this week, she laughed.  Now is that good thing or bad?  Me, being Me, I didn't worry too much since I laughed too.  I mean who does that?  Walk into a week long class and not have a clue on what she's going to do?

So with that hanging over my head, I did manage to find some inspiration on my 600+ pinterest abstract inspiration board.  I picked a photo that had caught my idea from the beginning.  Not only was it interesting in itself, but there were lots of little bits of it that were great too.  I downloaded it to my kindle and just took different crops of areas.  Then I played with the crops - either themselves or repeated.  I won't bore you with the details but I did spend 4 hours doing it - grin!

Finally - yes - finally - I found one that I liked, edited it (adding and subtracting) and did value sketches.  Sue asks, "Do you always do several value  sketches?"  uhuh. . . . ."Well, then, you might want to keep it to only three this time and see how that goes?"  (I giggled, getting her point)  You see, looking around the room, everyone else had a ton of fabric out  - me - I was there with my paper and pencils!

Idea found - check!
Editing done - check!
Value sketches  - check!
Full size pattern done - check! (did you know that staples would do that for you for under $15?)
Palette choose - check! (Inspired by a Katie Pasquini Masopust quilt)

Finally, Tuesday morning I could sew!  And sew, and sew!  OMG!  whose idea of was it to make it 60" by 44"????  I really do need to get the concept that more is more does not equate to more fun but just more work!  grin.  But scale does play a piece with this design so that's on its side!!

I decided that if I want to get a major chunk of this done before Sunday, I have to be VERY productive.   Don't you think?


Chris said...

I like the design that you have picked and your color scheme. It is interesting about the value sketches. I think EB would say the more sketches the better! And yes I knew about getting enlargements at staples.

Jenny Lyon said...

Oh I like this one! Since you have your vision set clearly, you should be able to romp through the week. Have fun!

Vivian Helena said...

I like that you mention how you worked on this piece. I have a Kindle and you said you down loaded it to the Kindle. Can you be more specific. Down loading to an app? and how did you get it off to take to Staples? I read about everyone using Kindles and I pads, but not to many directions on how.. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece from your "class".

Margaret said...

60" x 44"?! Whoa! I like the start you've made, though. Go, girl!