Friday, January 31, 2014

1 Down 11 to Go - Off the Wall Friday

Slabs 34 "by 44" - rough applique - machine quilted - hand dyed fabric

Here is a little secret that you didn't know about me.  My day off each week is Thursday - purposely  - since even if I didn't get time all week to be in my studio, at least I have  that day to get something done to post that night here.  At least Thursday was my day off - for the month of February its Saturday.  sighhhhh - Off the Wall Sunday just doesn't have the same ring - grin.  So that means that for the next month I need to come home each night and make sure I get some studio time in.

This is not a bad thing.  Discipline and focus are essential to getting better and who doesn't want to get better?

Now all that said - I did manage to work a couple nights this week to finish up my January's assignment.  Am I in love with it??  No.  Do I hate it - No.

Its just 1 down and 11 to go.

So what have been up to creatively?


  1. LUV that quilting, Nina Marie. Very nice effect.
    best, nadia

  2. It's lovely! I do love your colors and the quilting is excellent.

  3.'s great and certainly depicts your the quilting motifs!

  4. I, too, love the quilting and all the terrific texture it adds.

  5. Congratulations on muscling your way through the assignment and doing it so effectively. You've achieved some great texture with your quilting.

  6. Really nice quilting lines. Thanks again for hosting Fridays.

  7. Very cool Nina! I love tos ee that you are playing with quilting texture - my absolute favorite thing!!! ;)

  8. I really enjoyed seeing this quilt. I'm a very keen free motion quilter and I like to see the fmq having a staring role. The dyeing is great too as these colours are not easy. What colours did you use? Was is a pale mustard yellow and rose brown?
    Now, I'm going to try and work out how to do this link thing!
    Hilary Florence

  9. I like the piece . I like the color.. the texture.. I like it all.


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