Monday, February 18, 2013

Sheer Madness Design Wall Monday

Remember when  you were a new quilter?  All excited to learn the secrets of fabric and thread.  Do you remember reading the rule that quality quilts are made with 100% cotton since other fabric tend to stretch and don't wash well?  Now I'm all for following the rules (well unless they're stupid ineffectual) and I tried to follow that rule. . . . for a while.  But OMG there are so many cool fabrics out there - that will give you so many cool textures.  Not to mention, not all quilts are made to drag around the house and be washed.

So with that in mind, I started adding sheers to the ladies this weekend.  I think the sheers will add a new dimension to the design and give it a sense of movement.  Now this isn't the first time I added sheers (I used them on Abandoned), but this is the first time I'm using them to convey movement. Since I had no idea of how to do that I got out my handy-dandy tracing paper and made some sketches of how I wanted the Ladies' dresses to sway.  So much easier just tacking the paper to the Ladies and making the curves there.  Once I could see the tracing paper up the whole plan of action became clearer.   (Note to self: Keep making visual decisions visually )

I have two Ladies done and will get the third done this morning before work.  I'll be very thankful to get them sandwiched and under my machine!

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  1. I love the sheers. Great way to introduce motion without bulk and it adds a depth to the piece as well.

  2. Oh, wow, they really do move. Beautiful!!

  3. Nice cut and color - looking good! Love your ladies. Thank you for sharing your creative process, and I really like your signs.

  4. I don't limit myself with fabrics. Cottons are usually the best choice, but I have found many different fabrics make for different effects.

  5. I'm with fact, if I can stick a needle through it by hand or is fair game. I use sheers all the time, and if I am fusing them, I use Mistyfuse ultraviolet as it has some ultraviolet light inhibitors in it so it won't discolor as much. I am mentioning it in case you didn't know about it...but you probably do!


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