Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vote for Best Hand Quilting in Blogger's Quilt Festival

Can  I ask a favor??  This week I was nominated for Favorite Hand Quilted Quilt in Amy's Blogger Quilt Festival.  To win, my quilt, the Heritage Medallion needs to get the most votes in its category.  You don't need to register - you can just go vote for your favorite.  There are several categories and its been great fun to nominate and then vote for the ones you like the best.  Hand quilting is down near the middle of the list of nominees.

So could you go over and vote for mine the one that you think has the best hand quilting??  hint. . . .hint. . . . hint. . . . .Voting ends Friday morning.


  1. Oh, I already gave yours my vote. :) I thought yours was the most demanding. It had some gorgeous competition, though.

  2. LOL -- I voted, now am awaiting my kickback......


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