Monday, October 8, 2012

Pretty is as Pretty Does - Postage Stamp Basket Quilt

Well as you can see, as predicted adding a bit of solid fabric to those pesky floral blocks has done a wonder of good.  You can really see how these blocks really do have potential if I just manage to get them set right.  I also believe I might add something more than just the baskets. . . . . . .hmmm but I'm still thinkin' what???????

One of the nixed blocks
I have time to decide though - that's for sure.  Started making more basket blocks since I had to set aside at least 10 of them because the values were ridiculously close.  I'm still shakin' my head on how I made those to begin with since one my pet peeves is too many  traditional quilts don't use value properly.  Sighhhhh!

Andddddd with making those blocks, I've been reminded why these blocks were such a challenge to begin with.  Did you know that Sateen and lawn cottons sttrrreeettttccchhhh???  Yes they do - a - lot!  I've taken to finger pressing the seams until the end of the block just to make sure it doesn't get all stretch out by my Rowenta (it can be such a Bully!)

So with only 7 hours of sewing time this week - this is all I got done - but it has captured my interest totally - so hopefully I'll be able to focus more this week and be more productive.

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* said...

What a great idea to surround each set with a different color.

Roberta said...

Take the nixed blocks apart and put a more solid of a different color with them??? Might help them. Alternate blocks, just the same block only bigger with some flowers appliqued on???

Sylvia said...

Try starching the fabrics, it might help a bit with the stretching.

Kim said...

Nicely done! this is gonna be beautiful.

Happy Sewing

Kate said...

Love your setting idea.

Dar said...

I like the solid color borders around the basket blocks. Especially with them all being different. Maybe a small 9 patch or 4 patch between the baskets as an alternate block. They are looking nice.

Maggie A said...

I like the different border for each set....looks great

Kathy Shea Mormino said...

I would love to have you link up with us at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

I hope to see you there!



The Chicken Chick