Monday, August 27, 2012

More on Value - Design Wall Monday

Did you all hear my big sigh of relief when I got the last pin into the Beauties?  OMG  - it took me 4 hours to make sure they were pinned up right.  I did some final placement adjusting and fixed the umbrella which seemed a bit odd.  I would get it all pinned  - put it up on the wall  - and think - oh!oh! I need to fix that.  Down it came  - fixed - back up on the wall and guess what??  Yep - something else needed fixed.   (read a big sighhhhh)

Luckily I had a nice mind-mushing romance playing on my mp3 player so I made it through the tedious process.  Nothing like a happy ending to keep you company. . .right?

With the beauties heading to my machine for the invisible thread treatment, I could turn my attention back to my value studies in my Elizabeth Barton's Quilt University Class.

With this set of value drawings I tried a variation on the swing/barn idea. The problem with this one is that even though the barn is a shade lighter than the swing - its still not enough - plus the roof is really light which makes your eye go right there - so that becomes the focal point.

With second one I made the barn two shades lighter than the swing which blends better with the roof and sets the swing apart better.  So this is closer to what I wanted.

With the last one I lightened up the barn which really makes it recede.  I also gradated the value of the barn so that the lightest part of the barn is around the swing - highlighting the swing - which is suppose to be the focal point.  The roof is still quite light but with bottom of the barn to balance it off it looks fine.  I like this one the best - but I'm still not totally sure that this is the finished sketch.  I need to work leaves in there somehow - plus I'm wondering if the background it too busy for the swing in the foreground.  Sighhhhh - still have more work on this!  I'll let ya know how it goes!

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  1. The composition is looking better and better with each new sketch. I am amazed at your talent, I have none.

    Beauties are totally awesome, well worth the 4 hours! LOL


  2. Thanks Glen - about the sketches - its not as hard as it looks. I take elements from different photographs - trace them (you can resize them in a photo editor and print them out) - then start changing it a little till I'm happy with with it. It gives me a good road map for my piece. Try it~!

  3. Are you doing this from a photo? I so admire people with real artistic talent.

  4. The Barn/swing is from a composite of 3 photos that I photoshopped together - taking elements I liked from all of them. Then I traced them and added them together. Then I change stuff I like and don't like!

  5. The Beauties are precious!!! Too fun.

  6. Your beach girls look like they are having fun!!! I like you middle sketch best it seems to have a light source coming from the left. the light source on the other 2 is confusing.

  7. Your Beauties is definitely a beauty. Very fun quilt.

  8. I love what you chose for the third bathing suit and cap.

  9. Well will ya look at those Beauties!! Awesome!

  10. Congrats on getting it pinned - holy cow - that's a lot of work. It looks great so far though.


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