Monday, July 11, 2011

Jinny Beyer Challenge Rocks On! Design Board Monday

Spent the week working on the Jinny Beyer challenge.  Its been fun to experiment with some things I haven't used before.  Saturday was dedicated to sewing down my final design.  I hadn't done this yet with my Janome Horizon so there were some things I had to try out.  First, I found out that it sews great with invisible thread in the top and bobbin.  I also discovered remembered that it has a "Last stitch sewn" function and custom stitch setting memory.  That means I can set up all the stitches that I use to the exact size and settings I want them without  having to do it every time.  That's such a blessing since before I used to write down the setting numbers on tape and put them on the Elna - where they would end up looking all old and yucky!

Anywayssssss. once the machine was set up to use just the right zig-zag stitch, I spent 7  - count 'em - 7 hours sewing around all the little stones with invisible thread.  Luckily, I had a good book to listen too.  Still by 10 at night , the piece was ready to layer up with batting - no back - and to start putting in the extensive thread work I have planned.   This will be the first time I free motion with my horizon so I'm sure there will be a learning curve too!

Oh and what else did I do on Saturday????  I went to the Artist's Reception at Campbell's Pottery where my piece, Lilies, is being shown this month.  Very fun!  Not only was the food good (grin) but also its fun to meet all the other artists.  I love meeting people who have never had work shown before - they're so excited - they're just beaming!

I promise to do a review blog about the show later this week.  We leave this week for my annual trip to Quilting by the Lake - so I have some blogs that are scheduled to post while I'm gone!

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Karen S said...

This is looking just great!

QuiltSwissy said...

The Lilies look fabulous in that venue! They really gave you a great place to hang.

About the zigging around the blocks. Did you drop the feed dogs or did you turn the quilt endlessly?

Whichever you did, it is looking good.


Nina-Marie said...

Hi Glen - I left them up and turned the quilt - although it wasn't really a problem. I find that I get a nicer edge this way. Now the rest of the thread work will be FMQ.

Annie said...

I love this quilt!

Annette said...

so beautiful! Love the background!