Friday, November 13, 2009

July Cow - God Bless America

I'm quite please with July Cow.  I had her in my head and when I was done this morning, there she was.  Its always nice when that happens!  For this block, I made even a smaller zig zag which worked out really nice.  I think I'll use it on the rest of the blocks.  

The block is equally traditionally pieced and fabric collaged together.  Its nice to know that I remember how to draft and get the piecing done without much effort.  With all the art quilting lately, I would hate to lose touch with my roots LOL!

She uses mostly commerical fabric with a little bit of hand dyed and took 5 hours from design to finish.  Now onto October!


  1. The quilt is going to be soooo wonderful! When it is completed, please post a picture. Hope you get a picture of your daughter as she sees it for the first time.


  2. Very cool idea to make a moo calendar quilt. Your daughter will treasure it forever. Can't wait to see the finished work of art.

  3. She's great!! Good job, Nina-Moorie! :) That is one patriotic cow. Tessa is going to be in Cow Heaven! :)

  4. Dear Nina-Marie,

    Love the style you've developed for the cows--it's very sophisticated.

    I also loved your daughter's Halloween portrait. What a lucky girl to have parents who respect and support her dreams!

    Linda Laird

  5. The July cow is fabulous! This is such fun watching the months as you create them!

  6. Your cow quilt is really coming out nice. What a great idea and what a lucky little girl. I remember those long ago days of making quilts for my little boy. He turned 32 this week. sigh.....

  7. Can't wait to see all your cows come together! Must be gorgeous :)


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