Sunday, October 4, 2009

Space Challenge Finished!

Well my first challenge for the Fast Friday Fabric group is finally finished! (Say that fast three time!)  I can't say that I'm completely happy with it, but there are some elements I really like.  I did end up using my daughter's complex cloth made from tempura paint and sea salt.  It worked up lovely - has a great textured and the color really set nicely with the iron.  I just won't throw it in the wash any time soon (grin). 

         The piece is only 18" by 8". I used a commercial print from Paula Nadlestern's designs for the little star bursts.  I embellished this with Glitter, holographic thread from Superior threads.  The shine you get out of this thread is crazy so I don't use it often.  It did move through my machine well though.  The last embellishment was fusible little gems that I bought at Walmart.  They went on well but getting them all ironed into place was a exercise in patience. 
         I finished the edges just using a free motion stitch all along the very edge.  I never did that before and I thought I would like to try it out.  The bit of green color and texture around the edge seems to be working.
I was happy with the use of color and texture in the piece.  I was not happy with the free motion quilting that I used.  I used a sulky metallic thread and it just doesn't come out evenly with my machine.  I've tried all sorts of tensions, needles etc and its never worked well.  I should have just used a nice shiny rayon and it would have been fine. Still it was nice to try the iron on gems and see how cool tempura paint works on fabric.


Suzanne Kistler said...

I love it!

Lisa Ellis said...

It's fabulous!!

Shona said...

That is very cool. Makes me want to try painting fabric! :)