Monday, September 7, 2009

When Ugly is Pretty

So I took this whole Labor Day thing really literally today. At 5:30 am I wrote myself a list of Things to Do and stuck to it all day. Included on that list of things was to dye me some ugly fabric. While organizing my stash I realized that I did not have enough muddy colored hand dyeds. I like to use them to give some variation among all those intense colors. I also found a box of solid fabrics that I bought in the mid 90's. So I took hunks of a bunch of colors and put them in the machine for a good scour.

The first time I did hand dyed fabrics, I was very careful recording all the colors and the recipes. I was as precise as I could be with the measurements. It was all very exact. Today was very different. I just made up some blue, red, and green dye solution and started pouring and squishing it with my fabric. I had no idea what I was doing although a good friend gave me the advice to use the complimentary color of the original fabric to muddy up the colors. So that's what I tried to do.

Once again it took me all day but I did manage to get the whole process done. I'm all happy with the results since they did come out sufficiently muddy. I'm glad I got some nice grays out of the deal since that is going to be a main color in my next project. One thing I did learn though is that the dark reds and greens did not over dye - aduhhhh - but just thought I would try. I think I'm going to set them aside to discharge then dye sometime in the future.

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Suzanne Kistler said...

Is everything okay? I miss your posts.