Monday, September 21, 2009

Trapped by Trapezoids

One of the reasons I started this blog, was to have a record of the creative things I did.  I always wanted to keep track of them.  Plus - this way I could share them with my friends.  One of the by-products of the blog is that it keeps me creating.  If I don't make something - I won't have anything to post.

Now that said, not all the things I create are going to be interesting.  For instance, I just spent the last week basting little trapezoids - 100's of them!  They are the blades for the pinwheels and are all basted onto paper by hand. I'm using the English Paper Piecing method so, of course, all the paper trapezoids had to be cut.  Then the fabric attached and finally sorted into colors for piecing.  Its a major undertaking and a bit addictive.

Anyways I manage to get over 500 of them done in the last week with a big push on Saturday.  I sewed for over 12 hours - one trapezoid at a time.  When I finally stopped my hand was  a bit sore and the gallon size zip lock was full.  I wasn't sick of basting them, but I was sick of all the mindless TV I had been watching.  Maybe, next time, I'll just put one of the books on cd onOh - and yeah - there will be a next time, because I'm sure this still isn't enough for that quilt!


  1. I am speechless. I can't even imagine tackling this kind of project. It's beautiful!

  2. looking forward to seeing the progression of the quilt. nice colors.

  3. Oh my gosh! How do you get that many finished? I go brain-dead after a couple hours....have to switch to a different project in order to keep going....


  4. What a great carry-along project!


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