Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Space - A Joint Adventure

Well the space odyssey continues.  After waiting 3 days for my dye-na-flow fabric to dry, I concluded that it didn't look dark  nor interesting enough to use for my space challenge.  So much for experiments.  Still there was something that was of interest sitting next to this very dull looking cloth.

You see, my daughter, seeing me having fun painting fabric decided she wanted to play too.  Well her momma, being mean and stingy as ever, told her she was welcome to do it but using scraps and her own tempera paints.  She, being the creative 12-year old that she is, got after it.  And what happened. . . .a really - really great piece.  Just super!!  Wayyyyyyyy better than her momma's . . . . .sighhhhhhhhh.

Still not only is she a great artist in her own right, but she's generous.  She told me to go ahead and use her piece for my project - washable tempera paint and all.  Of course, my daughter being a chip off the ole block, also asked for credit (grin).  So here is her amazing complex cloth - her first piece.  Ain't it great?!

Hopefully the rest of my design will do it justice.


quiltedtime said...

Yeah, kids are super smart. That's why I choose to "teach" them everyday. Actually, it's just an lightly veiled excuse to play and actually get paid for it :-).

Kay Pennington

Anonymous said...

I also have a 12 year old daughter who loves art. Whenever i mention an idea she does fabulous drawings for me. I often use them on my work. :0)