Monday, August 17, 2009

Woodworkers Who Marry Quilters

I've been steadily working on finishing up the first in the arches quilt. To me its amazing how long sometimes the thread work will take in a design. Twice I've put in lines that I've had to sit and take out. Annoying! Also I've been trying to follow my rule to sew at least an hour a day, but with the dog days of summer finally upon us that's all I've managed! Well at least this is another week and I'm hoping to finish it up so I can start on the next one.

I did manage to make Elizabeth Barton's blog - twice. Her and I do think a lot alike but it always surprises me when she uses one of my comments in a later blog. She's really hit a nerve with blogging out the whole debate on if surface design is a stand along art in itself. Interesting!

So my husband Paul left yesterday for his annual week at Marc Adam's School of Woodworking. He's taking an advanced class in veneering. I find it amusing how many quilters are married to woodworkers. I run into them all the time. Although Paul did originally start 17 years ago (the same time I started quilting) with regular furniture, lately he's taken on some more interesting projects. He's designing his own work and adding all sorts of marquetry. I love the curves that he's scupting into them - pretty! His latest pieces, though, don't fit into our practical need of furniture here so I keep asking him to sell them. He's been contacted by a couple of galleries and I sure could use a new bedroom set!

Since he took
digital camera - sorry - our digital camera to class, I thought I would post some of his latest pieces.


laura west kong said...

Those are really beautiful! Your house must be gorgeous all filled with wonderful custom furniture and quilts! =(^_^)=

norma said...

Your husband's work is absolutely stunning! I can almost feel the satiny finish on that chair. I also went and looked at your blog about the arches series. It's quite wonderful. I took many pictures of arches on my travels, especially Spain, thinking I would use them in a quilt, but never did. Maybe I should haul them out again and look at them.