Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Supply Lists and Inspiration

Well today proves that I will do anything not to go into my sewing hole. The birdhouses are calling me, but I haven't made it there so far. Although I did make some real progress on Sunday, my creative time yesterday was spent making sure I had everything I needed on my supply lists for QBL (which is only a month away at this point). Once I entered the wonderful world of art supplies, I was lost. Yes - my name is Nina-Marie and I'm an art/school/office supply junkie. Still filling out my supply lists gave me a justified reason to bask in the bliss of dickblick.com. So many pencils, papers, rulers etc etc - heaven - sighhhhhhhh. I was very good though and just bought the tracing paper and pencils I needed. I ended up finally deciding on a set of cool gray colored pencils in 7 gradations that will make the best value sketches. Now Elizabeth, my teacher, said I only needed 4 - but she thinks I should only do a quilt in two colors too . I count myself very lucky that those are the only two things I need for the two weeks of design classes I have planned.

With the supply list filled, I'm still left with what I feel like making those weeks. Both teachers, want us to come prepared with inspirational pictures on subjects we would like to create. I guess that means I need to actually decide what I want to create. With the whole world as inspiration, that's a lot easier said then done. Until the birdhouses, I have been on a "women in motion kick" for quite a while. Women are always in motion and I feel the need to capture that. On the other hand, I'm not quite sure I'm done with birdhouses - or trees for that matter. If you look at my doodles you just see tree after tree after tree. So many options - only two weeks of classes. Not to mention I would love to stick with the theme I choose and actually play with it this year. What good is starting an exploration if you're only going to put it up on the UFO shelf when you get home?

So these are the things that are worling around my mind when I should be concentrating on orange and blue birdhouses. As for the tree - well - I saw the dollar store pens and just had to find a use for them.

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