Monday, February 23, 2015

Little by Little - Design Wall Monday

  After a long day in studio yesterday - 10 hours! - I'm getting close and closer to the finish of the piecing of Curves2.

I finally got my studio up to 70 degrees which makes it just that much easier to stay productive in there.  By the end of the night, I was tired!

 Still I did notice something.  The last yellow piece I put on did not read "Dark Yellow" under the studio lights.  When the lights are off you can tell its suppose to be dark yellow, but with the lights on it just reads a touch darker than its curving counterpart.

You know what that means right?  sighhhhhhhhh

I'll have to do that section again.  It shouldn't take  that long.  I'm hoping to  get the bottom section piecing done this week so I can layer it up on my studio day on Thursday.

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  1. Wow! Your quilt is gorgeous! I'm not sure which section you are planning on redoing, but I love it as is. It looks like there is a light behind it, giving light from the middle to the edges. Just beautiful.

  2. Amazing. Beautiful colors and design. It is worth all the hours.

  3. Actually in the photo it works just fine..... Here's a thought.....why not use some Distress Ink and try to darken some of the yellows? It can't hurt, esp. if you are going to redo that sectiona anyway....

  4. That is such an amazing creation though! Beautiful. And yay for 70 degrees ;-)

  5. Your quilt is spectacular! I don't see which piece doesn't read yellow, but do understand when you feel you need to redo something that bugs you.

  6. I love that outlier! Did you read EB's blog yesterday about "A Little Dissonance"? Just my thought-I like it and in a way it gives a little bit of a lost edge giving even more intrigue to your fabulous piece.


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