Monday, April 22, 2013

1 Lily, 2 Lily, Could be More - Design Wall Monday

Well, now I can safely say I know how to threadpaint a waterlily.  Actually, I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I made two acceptable ones, so that means that I, at least, get the idea of how to threadpaint a lily. 

Ohhh and a lilypad.  Can't forget that.

And finally an acceptable background piece of fabric (after changing my mind four (yes - four) times.

But that is all I have at this point.  Still no real idea for a composition.  Wait - let me check again -


Still totally blank.

I do have a  few things I could add into the piece - cattails, dragonflies, the moon, and stones.  Oh maybe a tree . . .  trees are always good.

But no real composition.  I swear I really - really hate creating like this.  I'm sure you've caught onto the fact that I like a road map on where I'm going with a piece.  Not just wander  around the desert for 40 yrs livin' on Mana from God and hope that I find the promiseland   good composition. 

On the other hand - they really are two good waterlilies and the background is a Judy Robertson original - so it does have a lot of promise.  I just hope God clues me in faster than he did the Israelites.

See other great traditional designboards at Judy's Patchworks Times.


  1. I was just trying to sketch out an idea with water lillies last week - gave up and moved on to another theme. So, I appreciate how challenging they are. What you have done looks great - hope you find 'the promised land'!

  2. Since you are on a deadline, maybe this would be a good time to visit a quiet lake or pond. Lots of creativity going on there.

  3. That's good advice Gari - Now if I can just find one that isn't frozen over - grin!!! (just kiddin' - I think spring finally - finally has arrived here!)

  4. Deadlines are sometimes no fun. It's always in the back of your mind. Maybe google photos of water lilies to get ideas.

  5. I like the background fabric, but see it as a bright sun (at the bottom-middle) setting on water (diagonally at upper right corner) so think perhaps you might try it the other way 'round?

    Also, alas, I'm not sure water lilies are open blossoms at sunset... :-(

    But that's all I have for ya! Hope maybe it helps a wee bit?

  6. Nothing like a deadline to kill....or at least choke up a little...creativity. Sit quietly and breathe....think happy thoughts.....the perfect idea will come....breathe....

  7. Oh oh h.....look at degas' waterlilies and straighten them out! Not degas....Monet!!!! Duh...

  8. That background piece is fantastic! Sunset on a stormy day.

  9. You need to find someone who is good at brain-storming. Brain storm different ideas no matter how bizarre. Something will tweek your interest. I actually do well working under a deadline: always have. The lilies are gorgeous, btw.

  10. I love the lilies They do look hard to do.. I am sure you will create something wonderful with them


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