Monday, September 24, 2012

To Shade or Not to Shade. . . Tulley a Tough Question

Well as you can see, I finally found some focus and got my piece designed.  Actually it wasn't too hard once I got going and threatened that if anybody disturbed me, they'd pay.  6 hours later, and I have my fall piece.

Fall piece??  Does this read Fall to you???  My feelings wouldn't be hurt if you said, "No".  Now remember I'm making this for the Fiber Invitational here and the theme is "Seasons" .  So the Beauties was suppose to be summer and this was suppose to read fall.  Sighhhh but with all these pure colors in it, its reading sunny morn spring.

So I have a couple of options:
                                     1.  Leave it as it is and change the season to spring


                                     2.  Add a layer of tulle - green - which gives it a darker shade 


Yeah, its a nifty little trick I learned this summer at Quilting by the Lake from Rosalie Dace.  You can layer a darker tulle over a piece to give it a slight value change.  Need more than a slight value change???    You can double the tulle.
Left Side with tulle and Right Side without

So originally I thought I would do that . . . . . but then if I did. . . . .would I lose any texture that the quilting line would put in the fabric.  You know I'm all about texture these days and I'm afraid that the only texture I would get is the netty feel of the tulle.

Soooo - I don't know  --

What do you think???


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  1. Actually ... it really did say fall to me ... like that time of the evening when the sun is just about to set and it's gloriously red and leaves a glow over anything that still in its path. The bare limbs on the tree helped. :)

  2. add the tulle and a couple of leaves, on the tree or ground or mid air in fall colors???

  3. Definitsly spring. And I thought that befoer you asked the question.

    What if... you add some fall leaves to the tree? And the tulle.


  4. My 2¢: it's beautiful as is, so don't cover it up with tulle, just call it Summer.

  5. Empty tree and an empty swing, I think it looks like fall.

  6. fall is what I see. Kids off to school and the swing is Idle on the farm.

  7. With the bare branches, it is either early spring, or late fall. What about a single fallen leaf in a fall shade laying on the swing, or just falling off the edge of the swing. And I'd not use the tulle.

  8. I did not bother you,can I have a cookie? :) I think it is gorgeous!

  9. I would Annette - but ya know how it is - give a mouse a cookie and he wants. . . .

  10. I, too, see a single fallen leaf on the swing, just to show that it truly is Fall. the barn is red all seasons and we have beautiful sunrises all seasons but a gold/orange leaf would demonstrate Fall. I LOVE the barn.

  11. wonderful to see how this project has progressed. It makes me think of country school a single leaf on the seat of caught in the chain would be perfect.

  12. What a cool art piece. I think you could either way with the seasons, however, adding a bit of something to the tree would make the season more obvious. Fall leaves for autumn or new buds for spring.

  13. Quilt the bejeebers out of it with more autumn-y colors, it's gonna be glorious!


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