Monday, June 6, 2011

48 Geese & 24 Four Squares. . . . Design Board Monday

Wowowowowow!!!  Busy sewing week!  Its been a while since I've tackled a bedsize traditional quilt and the numbers are a little staggering.  Managed to get the 48 flying geese done along with  24 four squares. . . Only 48 more to go!!  All of that added up to 15 hours and a TON of scraps.  Is anybody else amazed at how many scraps you can accumulate in one project???  Anyways - as you can see - I'm making progress - plussssssssssss a lot more is cut up and in process of getting sewn together.  Actually I would say right now I'm really half way pieced!

But wait!!!!!  That's not all I did this week.  I also started my Quilt University class, Working in Series.  So I also almost finished  the first lesson on that - which is due Friday.  Ohhhhhhhhh and also spent a few hours getting my supply list together for this year Quilting by the Lake class with Jane Dunnewold (more on that to come).

I love productive weeks . . . .don't you????

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Carol A. Babineau said...

Go! Productivity is fun.

Nina-Marie said...

Productivity is liberating! Procrastination always feels like I'm captive!

Anonymous said...

It's a wonder that you have any energy left to sew after moving all of my stuff at school. You are an angel! Keep creating!

Joyce said...

Love the scrappy look of this one. But what a lot of work with all those flying geese!

Janice PD said...

oooo..scary to make that many of anything for one piece. I love them when they are done!