Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whining about Wine or is it Plum???? Hand dyeing Experiment

Newly dyed fabric on the left                                                                   Slice of fabric sample on the right
OMG!!!  Does everything have to be such a pain in my hassle???  I know I've whined about this before but MY GOSH! With the trip to my mother's cabin behind me, I thought I better get back after my Christmas wallhanging.  You know this started out being a quick little project that I was going to whip up in time to enter in an online Christmas quilt show.  Instead, its turned into this major undertaking.  The border is just a case in point.  In the hundreds and hundreds of yards of fabric I own do you think I could find just the right wine I needed for the border?  No - of course not.  Still no big deal - I mean why have a nice collection of dyes if you can't  custom dye a color you need now and again.  So I started researching  how to mix a nice muted whine and of course, pretty much the consensus is that its super hard to get just right.  Sighhhhhhhhh!
hand dyed fabric in oven - not our dinner!
After a couple of days of hmmmm-hawwwwwwwing about it - I just decided to take the plunge and guess!  For the one yard of fabric I mixed one tsp of fushia with one tsp of Kelly green adding a pinch of black.  Then I used a zip lock bag for the first time  - which I find more of a hassle then the beer cups I usually use.  It was odd working in my dining room rather than my porch, but I managed.  Still I put the whole concoction in my oven since the house is at 65 degrees this days - yes I put a little sign that warned all family members not to turn it on !!!

The result was a nice muted wine/plum color - really pretty in fact.  But still not the saturated wine I was looking for.  I had a slice of muted wine fabric to compare it to - so I had an idea of where I was heading.  After much discussion - even bringing in my husband Paul (read desperation)  - I decided that what I really wanted was a color somewhere between the two.  Soooooooooo back into the dye bath the fabric went using a tsp of strongest red and a bit of carmine red for good measure (grin).

I'll let ya know how it turns out - we'll both be surprised!

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