Monday, August 16, 2010

More Thread Work - Design Board Monday

Well, last week was busy.  Between getting my daughter to her writer's workshop and ready for school, it definitely put  a cramp in my sewing time.  It was a good mail week though since I got my order from Joann's which contained a new thread box and some new threads!  My life is so much easier when my threads aren't tangled!

Still I did get a few hours of thread work done on this project.  Its always amazing to  me how a piece with no texture looks at the beginning and then with added thread - how it looks at the end.  With the ground finished at QBL, I continued work on the tree this week.  It must have at least a dozen different colors before I was satisfied. (To see the thread work better - just click on the image)

Once the tree was  done, I managed to move onto the horizon line.  For that, I popped off my darning foot and put back on the regular sewing foot.  I just wanted to make very gentle waves across the mountains in low contrast thread.  I did decide to use rayon and poly threads though to give it a little shine.  With the tree I combined the two so that it would have texture with the cotton and rayons for the highlights.  Who knew there was so many decisions?????

So now I just have to finish up the mountains and then the sky.  I think the sky will have very little quilting in it - just enough to give it a "light breeze" feeling.


  1. Yes, the threads do add quite a bit to a flat surface :) Great job!

  2. Lovely work. Another thing to put on my list of to do's.

  3. Love your landscape quilt with the thread work. It reminds me that I need to "play" more in my craft.

  4. What a beautiful art quilt. I, too, love the way thread can so change fabric. That is the way I feel about a quilt when I take it off the frame. Thanks for sharing your creation.

  5. Such a pretty art quilt. What size is it?

  6. Beautiful work. I'm just now learning, and so reading your post is inspiring.


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