Sunday, August 1, 2010

Creative Distraction - Some Things Ya Just Can't Say No To

Recently I was reminded of a quote by Jeanette Meyer that I had learned five years ago.  She had lectured on the great power of the words, "I'm sorry, but that doesn't work for me."  You are suppose to employ these words every time somebody asks you to do something that will distract you from your planned creative time.  Also you are not to offer up excuses why that doesn't work for you - which is great because nobody really understands that you'd rather be quilting than doing anything else anyways.

After a bit of practice, I found the quotation one of the most empowering that I've learned in my adult life and proceeded to teach it to all my friends.  Of course,  I didn't expect them to use it on me when I needed  them but they, being very smart women, have done so. (Sigh!)

That all said, this week my great creative plans got waylaid to something I could NOT  say no to.  My husband and daughter found a little orphan kitty in our carriage house.  It looks to be about 3 weeks old.  So, although I had planned on sewing all week, I instead spent the week  learning how to foster this tiny bundle of black.  It seems there has been a recent kitten explosion in our county and with a lot of volunteers on vacation there was nobody to take her in.  So after a quick lesson, I was raising a newborn again.  The first couple of days she had to be nursed every 3-4 hours but now she's stretched it to every 6 or so.  She's doing great now - sleeping through the night  - playing pounce with Momma and her stuff bears and ready to start weaning onto real food.  Still she's so tiny for her age - just barely 12 oz.  We named her Kali - the Dark one.  She's sooooo black that getting a good photo of her is really impossible no matter how good your photo editor is! 
Still Kali promised me that she would entertain herself while I sew today if I promised to play with her later.  She's such a good little Kitty - I know she'll try her best to keep her promise.


QuiltSwissy said...

Ohhhhh, so sweet. I had a kitty, Whitney Dallas, who would sit on my shoulder like that. I could cook, sew, vacuum, put make up on and do yard work with her there. Her legs would swing back and forth as I moved! I miss her.

glen in Louisiana

Kat said...

She's adorable!! I wouldn't have said no, either! :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Cathi said...

What an adorable little kitty. I wouldn't have been able to resist either.

Rayna said...

I'm sorry, but that does not work for me.

Gretchen said...

What a sweet little bit of puff of a cat:) I have two black cats, Morpheus and Gomez, and had a third Morticia (she passed away a couple of years ago). Black cats bring nothing but GOOD luck. And are always characters. I also have two tabbies Edgar Poe and Stella. Enjoy your newest bff.