Monday, August 9, 2010

139 and Counting or When is Enough Enough??

As you may remember from previous posts last year, I started a new English paper piecing project using the simple shape of trapezoids.  After doing the tumbling block quilt I said never - I mean  - never again but nobody ever listens to me - even myself!  So onto the trapezoids I went which make up little pinwheels.  The nice thing about a project like this is that you can take it out and put it away whenever since its all done by hand.  Over the school year, I did manage to get more of it done on and off.  Still its been back in the box for a good six months now.

With Tessa going into a Young Writer's Workshop this week at a local university, I thought it would be nice to take it out and work on it while she was in class.  Well. . . . once I took it out I realized that I had quite a few blocks - 139!  Now is that enough??  Is more always more???  I don't know.  I don't even know what value layout I want yet. I could lay them all out on my design board but it takes forever.  My husband told me to design the quilt by using my EQ4 - but gosh never even reloaded that on my computer. Really the design has always been just a vague notion in my head anyways!  Normally I would just pay Tessa to lay them out on the design board but this week she'll be way to busy with her writing!

So after some thought, I think I'll just keep making trapezoids into pinwheels this week and I - like Scarlett  - will worry about it another day.


  1. Beautiful quilt and idea - very m.c. escher of you! Always loved his work.

    There is only one way to find out what it will look it together and it will grow.

  2. Such pretty colors. They would look so beautiful up on the wall.

  3. They are so cute and will make a great quilt. I use EQ often when I need to get some firm numbers for fabric and block after I have started a project. I guess I should learn to start with the program....

  4. This looks like a pile of fun! I wonder how you will sew them together into a quilt...applique to a background or join them together with set in seams?
    I love that you just started having fun without a plan or end product in mind!

  5. I love all the colors..but all that movement makes my head swim! lolol Maybe I'm feeling guilty because my sewing room floor is FILLED with strings/strips/chunks/ittybitty pieces/and other STUFF! I made the mess, but I dont' WANNA pick it up!

  6. I love EPP and like this project a lot. Just what I need - one more for my wish list.

  7. You are dedicated, what a lovely pile of pinwheels! & I can't get over the size of your tumbling block quilt. I've just started working with diamonds for some eight pointed stars & they're far more challenging than the hexies.


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