Friday, November 6, 2009

Shhhhhhh Its a Secret! January Cow

When I was little. my mother spent one fall making all these amazing Barbie doll clothes.  She did it in the evenings when I was asleep so that on Christmas morning it was a complete surprise.  It was even more surprising since my mother doesn't really sew.  Still each piece was perfectly crafted and really quiet unique!  As an adult, I'm super impressed that she managed to keep the whole thing a secret from me since I was a very precosious child.

In that light, I thought I would surprise my daughter with her own bed quilt as a Christmas present. She's been asking me for one for quite a while.  She's also been asking for a cow art quilt.  She loves cows and everything to do with them - don't ask me why!  To make it truly Tessa's quilt, I decided on making it a Calendar Cow quilt.   That way she would have a cow for every month.

It took a while, but I manage to come up with a plan and finish the first block.  January Cow is used to our Great Lakes winters and is prepared for the snow with a new cap he got for Christmas.  He'll be finished off with some winter red berry buttons once he's quilted to balance some of that red.  I'm happy with him though - he's cool without being too funky or cartoonish!  

I'll keep you posted only if you promise not to tell!


Suzanne Kistler said...

Mom, are you sure she doesn't read your blog? ;)

Cathi said...

What a marvelous block!! I love the Great Lakes cow's hat! :-)

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

love the cow - a little humorous too.

awesome legend of zelda costume! i loved legend of zelda, the adventure of link from original nintendo. brings back memories.

henny said...

Wow, cute cow for Christmas !

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Your cow quilt is going to be fantastic! The calendar idea is so cute!

My Mom sewed Barbie clothes for me one year, too and now I can't imagine stitching clothes that tiny!

Sandra said...

The cows are too cute, I think you need to do them as BOM patterns.