Sunday, November 8, 2009

April Showers Cow

So today I skipped church for some much needed alone time.  Its harder than it looks trying to get a big project done under Tessa's nose.  She definately has her finger on the pulse of our family.  5 hours later though, I manage to get April Cow done.  Our springs are notoriously rainy here, so she has her umbrella all ready.  Of course, no plain umbrella will do - she needs a nice snazzy one.  

For her construction, I switched to a zig-zag stitch rough edge applique.  It went much smoother than January cow and I didn't need a stablilizer.  Still I'm sure she'll need a bit more thread work.  I won't be using any fusible for the quilt since I want it to retain its nice puffy hand.  There has been much chat lately on the quilt lists and blogs about thread work and fusible causing all our quilts to appear flat.  We'll see if puffy quilts come back into vague! 

Okay so I'm off to design July quilt.  I'm sure - being from this house - he'll be a nice patriotic cow :)!


Cathi said...

April Cow is fabulous!! Very nice umbrella too!
That flat, almost hard look is why I never tried fusible. I knew it would make things so much easier when it came to applique, but like the softer look. Too bad there's not a fusible that later washes out -- or, I wonder, is there?

LaughingLG said...

I love the quilt. The cow is great and the umbrella tucked under her chin is wonderful. So are the googly eyes for her nostrils.

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Nina-Marie - The cow and umbrella are great. Your daughter is going to be getting the greatest gift when you are done with this.

A thought about fusing - if you want to fuse without so much flatness, draw each piece on your paper-backed fusible and cut out the centers just leaving enough (about 1/2 inch) so there is a little beyond your drawn line and about 1/4 inch inside. That will be all the fusible you'll need to secure your piece. Then you have the advantage of fused non-fraying edges but not a lot of fusible web. I didn't say this very well so contact me if I've made it confusing!

henny said...

I wish I could touch the cow...:)
I'm curious how you made the cloud and fence (also for Jan cow). Did you paint them or is it just the fabric's pattern?