Friday, October 30, 2009

Princess from Legend of Zelda in the House

Halloween was never my favorite holiday.  I'm not a night person to begin with and I grew up in the country where it wasn't easy to trick or treat.  That said, it has to be one of my daughter's favorite holidays.  Like - what other holiday do you get to dress up like a princess and get free candy?!  (I'm paraphrasing her words of course!)  Tessa typically starts thinking about Halloween in August.  I try to put her off - but she keeps bringing it up every few days until its finally here.

Well - its finally here.  This year she decided to go as the Princess from the Legend of Zelda game.  Of course, its the kind of costume that you just can't shell out $50 and buy - so the whole family pitched in and made it.  It took up all my creative time this week.  With a little research we found out exactly what Zelda looks like.  I recycled two shirts from Salvation Army  - added trim and  - presto - you have a tunic and a top of a dress.  I found a blog on line that showed me how to make a skirt in 5 minutes.  30 minutes later - it was done!  Who knew that my sewing machine did clothes too?!?!  Wow!  My husband, Paul, helped out by following directions on another blog.  He took time this week to make all of Zelda's "armor".  It came out very real looking considering it was made out of craft foam.  I finished off the look by doing her decorative pendant in the front.  I used only fusing and did no sewing on it - finishing it off with decorative gems.

Now, both Tessa and I concede that this is not exactly Zelda - just my creative vision of Zelda.  The hot pink parts are purely Tessa - since in her words again - you can never wear enough pink.  All in all - it came out to be a very warrior tough looking princess worthy of any Trick or Treat Raid!


henny said...

wow...beautiful princess!
Since your mom doesn't like happy Halloween to you, Tessa :)

Suzanne Kistler said...

She looks GREAT! Good job, Nina-Marie! This week I'll be making my youngest a Santa suit. He's been wanting one for years and his birthday is on Saturday. I just bought 7 yards of red velvet...

I hope my machine still sews clothing!!

norma said...

Wow! You did a fabulous job! And I love your story of how you (and hubby) made it.