Monday, June 29, 2009

Quilts in the Yard '09

Well I've been working like crazy trying to finish the birdhouse quilt for this week's quilt show, Quilts in the Yard. This is a quilt show organized by one woman, my friend Bonnie Ross. Now understand, Bonnie is one of those woman that everyone wants to be friends with. She is full of joy, eternally young, and just amazing. That said, doing a quilt show by yourself is a huge undertaking.

Last year, when she told me what she was doing, I thought she was nuts. Didn't she know that quilt shows were organized by whole quilt guilds, not just a couple of ladies? Still she rose to the challenge and it was absolutely gorgeous. I had never been to anything like it. People came from all over to see the quilts. Its held at Scotland Yards, a nursery in Edinboro, PA where Bonnie works. Quilts are hung throughout the property under trellises, in greenhouses, and in a beautiful restored barn. Last year, there were over 200 quilts and wall hangings. The vast majority of the work was traditional, but Bonnie invited me to hang some of more contemporary pieces. They were well received and it was nice to get validation of my work. Sometimes all we see are the flaws in our art, so its nice to hear some kind words.

Anyways, Bonnie is repeating herself again this holiday weekend. The show will be on July 5th from 10 - 5. Admission is $2 with proceeds going to the Edinboro library. A lot of the pieces will be up for sale for reasonable prices. If anybody has any questions please just email me directly.


laura west kong said...

Nina-Marie, Thanks for visiting my blog. You are so right, that is a real blessing to share our passion with our daughters! I'll be sure to post our progress as well as the finished quilt.

That looks like an amazing quilt show, thanks for sharing.

em's scrapbag said...

That looks fabulous! I wish I was closer and see it up close and personal!

Kimberly Mason said...

What an amazing undertaking. Looks like a beautiful show!

Chris said...

Thanks for saying hello. I will enjoy exploring your blog. What a great venue for a quilt show. Wish I was close enough to come for a visit