Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birdhouse in the Middle

Is it just me or sometimes do you feel that life is like a game of monkey in the middle? You reach - You stretch - You try your hardest to get what you really want - but it only gets snatched away.

Yesterday was a day like that. With the rain coming down, I worked diligently in my sewing hole. The Birdhouses were so close to being ready to sew. I finished finally and realized that the little one in the middle wasn't quite right. Toooooo light. So off came the many pins and auditions started. This fabric is too dark, too blue, too medium, too much contrast, not enough contrast, etc. etc. etc. Four times, I thought the house was just right - but then - at the last minute decided it wasn't.

The center of a quilt design is important. You want a person's eye to land there but not linger. The viewer should travel around the quilt to see all the goodies it has to offer. Still since the eye probably starts in the center, you want a nice welcoming. Its like a pretty entry way to an open house. If the entry way is pleasing, then it sets the tone for the rest of the home. So the center house needs to be perfect. Could I get it that way - No.

Frustrating. . . Annoying. . . So I did what anybody who is sick of being the monkey in the middle - I took my fabric and went home. I called it quits for the day and figured that the bird could live another night in the shelter. Like Scarlett, I'd think about it tomorrow.

Still its nice to get this far, and with the whole day in front of me, I'm sure the center bird will have a roof over its head by nightfall.

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